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Jet Trash is an exciting independent British film based on the cult travel novel Go by Simon Lewis which follows the exploits of two young guys who flee to Goa from London. Apart from one flashback scene the entire film was shot on location in Goa. The film stars Robert Sheehan, Osy Ikhile, Craig Parkinson, Raj Zutshi, and Sofia Boutella.
Goa Film Services provided a complete package of production management, production services, and film fixer services for the film in India.

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The results are fantastic you really wouldn’t believe the film was shot on a low budget as the production values are so high. Watch this space for more news.

"You are my go to guys in India forever!"

Andy Brunskill - Producer

Goa Film Services Principal Credit: Co-Producer
Client: Sums Film & Media Ltd., London
Release Date: TBC


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