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India has an amazing range of locations available. There are few places on Earth where you can shoot spectacular unspoilt deserts, mountains, jungles, rivers and beaches in one country but India has it all and with the weather and light to get the most from them.


Beach Film Locations In India

As a vast peninsular, India is surrounded by the sea and along its coastline has hundreds of kilometres of beaches varying from dramatic rocks and cliffs to beautiful enclosed bays of white sands and palm trees. We can provide you with bustling lively beach locations or secluded deserted beach locations to suit your production. We can also provide all types of boats, diving, and watersports equipment for your shoot.

The pictures here are from our favourite beach locations in Goa, Maharastra, Karnataka, and Kerala. They were all taken by our location managers and film fixers in India.


Higher resolution images are available in the Gallery


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