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The 'Axios on HBO' team came to India for a high profile interview with Adar Poonawalla, the billionaire CEO of the World's largest vaccine manufacturer, in the midst of the ongoing Covid pandemic. With Emmy Award winners Perri Peltz, Matt O'Neil (producers), and Jonathan Swan (presenter) arriving in India this was news journalism of the highest caliber. Jonathan became a household name in the US after his interview with Trump went massively viral. You can watch highlights below.

Fixer in IndiaAxios is highly topical and therefore arrangements had to be made at short notice. Getting the team in and out of India efficiently during the pandemic presented some significant challenges. Within India, transport and logistics for the Indian crew and equipment had to be managed within the Covid operating protocols and the Serum Institutes' understandably stringent Health & Safety guidelines.

“Hope you've gotten some time to recover from our crazy shoot. Just wanted to say it was great working with you. It was so nice to work with someone who really got what we were doing and could move mountains at short notice! Everyone here was really, really pleased with the interview and we couldn't have done it without you.” - Tom Denison, Senior Producer.

“And for what it’s worth - your reputation precedes you.  Everyone and I mean everyone who was involved with this shoot from Matt to Ellin to Dan RAVES about you and for good reason. Thank you. You are so on top of everything and makes it all much easier for us.” - Perri Peltz, Emmy Award winning Producer.

Credit: Producer: India
Client: Axios/HBO
Release Date: November 2021

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