Equipment & Crew

There is a huge range of camera, lighting, and grip equipment available for film & TV production in India. We have searched the film production centres of Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Chennai to find suppliers with the most up-to-date and well maintained equipment. Most film production equipment you would find in your own country is available in India. We have all the latest Arri, RED, Canon, Sony, and Panavision cameras; a full range of Arri lighting, Chapman Dolly, Steadicam and gimbals, Jimmy Jibs, Panther Cranes, drones of all shapes and sizes, industry standard Sound gear, Motion Control rigs, and much much more.

As your film fixer in India we will be very careful to source highly experienced, well presented crew with a professional hard working attitude. As many of the crew as possible, and certainly HODs and other key members of the crew, will speak English to ensure communication is effective. All members of the Goa Film Services production team, and all of our film fixers throughout India, have English as their first language, or are completely fluent. In addition they all speak Hindi and other local regional languages.

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