Travel & Logistics For Film & TV Productions in India

The quality and efficiency of the travel and logistics for your film or TV production in India will have a huge impact on both the budget and success of the whole project. Shoot days can be lost, and crew morale drained, due to lousy travel and accommodation. As your Fixer in India we will find you the best deals possible at production friendly hotels and make sure that your transport is efficient, comfortable, punctual, and reliable.

India has a vast range of accommodation options from some of the most famous luxury hotels in the world to basic, clean, business class hotels. We will find the best options to suit your budget.

For long distance travel flying is the best option as distances can be vast. You can even consider chartering flights for larger film production crews as it can work out to be cost effective in India. For local transport we can arrange luxury cars, city cars, four wheel drive jeeps, mini buses, coaches, trucks, pick-ups, trains, helicopters, speed boats, canoes, yachts, cruisers, classic cars, motor bikes, bicycles, and even, camels, horses, and elephants.

One of the biggest draws for film and television producers in India is the vast diversity of locations available. From majestic palaces in Rajasthan to bustling metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Kolkata, and serene backwaters in Kerala, India offers a treasure trove of breathtaking backdrops. However, to capture the essence of these diverse locations, travel arrangements become essential. Proper logistics help save time and money, enabling productions to focus on creativity and storytelling. Moreover, by immersing themselves in different regions, filmmakers can authentically represent the cultural nuances of India.

Navigating India's Infrastructural Challenges

While India boasts a rich and diverse landscape, it also presents unique infrastructural challenges that require meticulous planning and coordination. Managing travel and logistical arrangements becomes particularly crucial when filming in remote areas or smaller cities that may lack the necessary infrastructure to support large-scale productions.

Transportation becomes a vital aspect in these situations, as securing suitable vehicles and routes can be challenging. Additionally, obtaining permits and permissions from local authorities can be a complex process that requires expertise in navigating bureaucratic systems. Overcoming these challenges often involves building strong local connections.

Crew and Equipment

Film and television productions in India frequently require the movement of cast, equipment, and crew across different cities or regions within India. Seamless coordination of flights, accommodations, ground transportation, and security becomes essential to ensure the smooth functioning of the production.

Moreover, transporting equipment, such as cameras, lights, and props, is a logistical challenge that demands careful planning. Ensuring the timely delivery and safe handling of expensive and delicate equipment can prevent delays and production setbacks.


Travel and logistical arrangements are the backbone of successful film and television productions in India. By carefully planning and executing these arrangements your Fixer will ensure that you can easily explore diverse locations, overcome infrastructural challenges, facilitate crew and equipment mobility, and tap into the wealth of local talent and resources. These efforts contribute to the authenticity and vibrancy that make Indian cinema truly exceptional.



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