New Film Visa for India

Film production company in India

Great news for foreign productions! The government has recently announced a new Indian film visa. Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu said, “Visa reforms aims to promote India as a filming destination through film visas with maximum duration of one year with multiple entry facility. Film Facilitation Office to act as a single window system, ensuring required permissions would be given in time bound manner. Visa Liberalisation and FFO to facilitate foreign film makers to showcase beauty of India to the world in a hassle free manner!”


Details of the new Indian Film Visa…

Duration: Duration of the shooting of the film as per schedule submitted or One year, whichever is less.

Number of entries: Single/Double/Multiple

Documents Required: Copy of detailed shooting script in case of feature film and detailed concept in case of TV show/serial – Details of visiting film crew and location of film shooting. – Letter of intent regarding the shooting of the film in India mentioning the production schedule, particulars of the cast and crew coming to India for the purpose of shoot, chosen location, list of film equipment and other relevant details.

Extendable in India: Yes

How to Apply:

  1. Via the government’s e-visa portal…
  2. Send all the relevant documents to the Film Facilitation Office in Delhi directly…
  3. Get professional advice from a Film Producer, Production Services Company, or Fixer in India with experience of assisting foreign productions.

Option three is by far the best option as it ensures that nothing is missing from your application and that you don’t waste time planning content or locations that will seriously delay your application. Officials in India find it reassuring to see that a properly registered Indian film company is on board to ensure that accurate guidance is given.

The new Indian Film Visa and the work undertaken by the Film Facilitation Office in Delhi to implement a ‘Single Window’ permit system are really positive measures that will ensure more foreign film & TV productions come to India.