Travel, Accommodation, & Catering

The quality and efficiency of the travel and accommodation arrangements for your shoot in India will have a large impact on both the budget and success of the whole project. Crew morale can be seriously effected by lousy travel and accommodation. As your film fixer in India we will find you the best deals possible at suitable hotels and make sure that your transport is efficient, comfortable, punctual, and reliable.

India has a vast range of accommodation options from some of the most famous luxury hotels in the world to basic, clean, business class hotels. As your film fixer in India we will find an option to suit your budget.

For long distance travel flying is the best option as distances can be vast. You can even consider chartering flights for larger film production crews as it can work out to be cost effective in India. For local production transport we can arrange luxury cars, city cars, four wheel drive jeeps, mini buses, coaches, trucks, pick-ups, trains, helicopters, speed boats, canoes, yachts, cruisers, classic cars, motor bikes, bicycles, and even, camels, horses, and elephants.

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