Bauer Sucht Frau International | Reality TV

The number one TV show in Germany shot an Episode for the 2020 season in Goa in India. The title in English is, 'Farmer Wants A Wife International', and the show features farmers from around the World attempting to meet a wife while being filmed on a series of blind dates.

Production Company in India

We shot at some demanding locations including deep in the Indian jungle in the summer heat, and on a moving sailing boat out to sea. Luckily, we also shot some paradise beaches and a yoga retreat which was a bit less demanding!

As the Fixer in India we were responsible for looking after two film units, locations, logistics, catering, craft service, permits, props, communications, talent coordination, and transport coordination. All this was handled on the ground by one of our most resourceful Producers working alone due to budget restrictions.


Credit: Fixer - India
Client: UFA Show & Factual & RTL, Berlin
Release Date: April/May 2020


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Production Company in India
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